There are many ways to support New Mainers in Southern Mid Coast Communities:

Help find decent and affordable housing. Before a new family can relocate to the Bath-Brunswick-Topsham area, housing must be secured. Local residents sometimes have connections and knowledge of available housing before it goes on the market.  Shared housing and other arrangements can also be considered.

Engage in English language conversations. English fluency is the most important skill needed by immigrants. Engage in conversation as you help a person with homework, learn about another culture or even cook a meal together.

Become a mentor. Cultivate a personal relationship with a New Mainer that is enriching and rewarding. Training and support are provided.

Provide transportation. Limited public transportation in this area is a major challenge for families without cars.  Join a team of drivers to give rides to our New Mainers as needed.

Teach someone to drive. Seasoned drivers are often the best and most patient instructors!

Identify employment opportunities. Resident Mainers can help a New Mainer navigate the job market and sometimes open doors to employment opportunities.

Donate household items. New Mainers need furnishings, clothing and other items.  Contact us to find out what is needed and when.

Sponsor Activities. Support extra-curricular and summer activities for children and youth.

Organize and help with community gatherings. Everyone loves getting together with food, music and comradery.

Educate the community. Discuss the needs and contributions of asylum seekers and refugees. Help our neighbors understand why asylum seekers are coming to Maine and the need to create a thriving, integrated multicultural community in the Mid Coast area.

Contribute financially. Money is needed for security deposits, educational assistance and other needs. Click on the Donate screen to learn how to make a one-time or recurring donation.

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